Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Adventures - James as Thomas the Tank Engine...

It was a Halloween adventure tonight!

James went out for Halloween dressed up as Thomas the Tank Engine. He was very excited - and kept saying "Halloween! Halloween!"...

He had his special blue cap on, his safety neck light turned on brightly and his spider-shaped trick-or-treat bag clutched in his hand.

James held on tightly, while Chloe slept in a sling across Spring's chest.

James was so excited, he could hardly walk straight...

By the time everyone got home, James was wound up, and drove his car up and down the living room, lost in excitement and thinking about his hour-long trick-or-treating Halloween experience.

He was permitted to eat two small packages of Smarties. He very carefully opened each package, extracted Smarties one by one, and nibbled them very happily.

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