Monday, September 23, 2013

James the Champion 5-Pin Bowler

James the Champion 5-Pin Bowler went bowling for the first time ever on Saturday night! He and his friends Marshall and Nicholas had a very exciting time.

He wore a very fancy pair of bowling shoes, and was always careful to select just the right ball. The bowling alley puts small rails up along the gutters to keep the balls on the rails and these make the game more satisfying for the kids - terrific idea. James was so excited and happy that he was able to roll the ball and hit the pins every single time!

Like a true champion, James cheered and jumped up and down with every successful throw.
Everyone had a wonderful time. James told Daddy later that evening that he would like to go bowling again. This sounds like a very good idea!

Chloe Playing in the Toronto Music Garden!

Chloe went for a walk in the Toronto Music Garden on Sunday and had a super time! Have a gander at this little girl - and be sure to watch the short video at the end!

She ran about on the grass, smelled flowers, and danced.

Chloe was very interested in the ducks. We fed a curious pigeon a little bit of her cookie, and she liked that a lot.

After a little while, Chloe wanted to sit on Daddy's lap on the steps on the pier and look at the birds flying about.

She had a lot of fun!