Monday, May 17, 2010

James and his Daddy in the Park

One day James went to the nice park with his Daddy.

He saw worms and birds.

He touched a tree and some tree bark. It was rough and felt nice on his little finger tips.

A dog and his owner came by for a visit. James liked the dog. James smiled at the dog. The dog wagged his tail at James. The dog's name was Devon.

James walked a couple of steps with his Daddy holding tightly onto his arms.

The birds in the trees cheeped and tweeted and sang and chortled and warbled and whistled. That's what birds do when they are talking.

The wind swished through the trees.

James was having a very special morning in the park.

Daddy & James will come back to the park again soon, and observe worms and birds and trees and tree bark and dogs and the wind. They will come back to observe nature in the park.

Nature is nice in the park.

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