Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Day Grannie Anne Arrived!

My Grannie Anne flew over to Canada in a big plane to see me and we spent Sunday together. Grannie Anne, Grannie and Grandad, Mummy and Daddy, and Noel and Ali came by with Tim Horton's Sandwiches. I decided to stick with my normal food - it makes me feel warm and happy - plus I don't have teeth yet and can't chew the bacon in the BLTs. Everyone seems to have had a wonderful time. My brother Monty had a great time, I saw someone give him a treat occasionally. He wagged his tail a great deal. I hope I grow a tail one day and can wag it too.

I can hardly wait to see everyone again. Grannie Anne left on a plane today to return to England, and I will miss her a lot. I will see her again in time. But I'll see Grannie and Grandad on Friday, and of course Mummy will be driving me there in the big red car.

Today I am seven weeks and one day old today. I am a big boy.

Time for a nap,

Love James

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